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Do I need a European car specialist?

European and Luxury vehicles are in our blood. With personal ownership of European vehicles we understand the ‘passion within’ to own such beautiful vehicles. European and luxury cars are known for precise engineering, containing finely tuned engines. They are designed and built with a craftsmanship that requires a high level of specialised knowledge, tools and diagnostic equipment in order to service or maintain them to the standards they deserve. We have been servicing European vehicles for over 20 years.

What makes European car servicing so special?

To service or repair European vehicles requires a range of specialised tools different from those needed to service Japanese or domestic vehicles. A Ford service uses completely different tools to a Porsche service and so it is important that your prestige or European vehicle is serviced by someone with the understanding and know how needed to maintain these fine vehicles to their top performance state and with the right equipment to do so.

Approved Automotive Services  European car specialists?

We definitely have the expertise and the technology needed to service and repair a full range of European and Luxury vehicles right here in Newton. We don't limit ourselves to just luxury vehicles. We can service anything from an old Holden through to even the newest of Hybrid cars.
Our workshop is fully equipped to deal with servicing and repairs to a wide range of makes and models so come in and see us for:  
• Audi service
• BMW  service
• Mercedes  service
• Porsche service
• Fiat service
• Lexus service
• Peugeot
• Volvo service
• Volkswagen
and many more.

To find out more about European car servicing at Approved Automotive  Service call us today - or feel free to fill in our contact form with any questions you may have.

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