Cabin Filter Mulch


Prior to a scheduled service of a RAV4, we educated the customer on the importance of replacing the cabin filter. Upon checking we confirmed our suspicions and found the filter was heavily soiled with a build up of dirt, gum leaves and gum nuts. 

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Newton

The customer was surprised to see the amount of debris collected and is alerted now to the importance of keeping on top of scheduled servicing requirements... and avoiding parking under gum trees! 

Cabin air filters are designed to absorb noxious odours and harmful gases whilst filtering out debris such as pollen or other contaminants. This prevents such nasties from entering the cabin of your vehicle - and the air you and your passengers breathe.

Ask our mechanics about cabin Air Filter replacement when you book your car in for your next service and breathe easier knowing your passengers are breathing clean, filtered air.

You might be tempted to try and replace your own cabin air filters but there are a few reasons why you should consider this approach very carefully. 

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